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All You Need To Know About Pandascrow Fintech Company

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Amidst the growth of financial institutions and the rise in fintech organisations, It is still very painstaking to get or make payments over these platforms without fears of delayed, failed or unaccounted transactions. Our commercial banks on the other hand make it even more difficult with their many questions and truckloads of information required before one can send or receive money in or out of the country.

I know how frustrating it could be, however, Pandascrow is here to relieve your stress and anxiety with its haven platform for seamless transactions, making it the easiest platform to receive money from other countries.
Pandascrow is a startup fintech company founded in 2020 by Tom Precious, Mercy Udoh and Imoh Aselem joining much later. Pandascrow is founded on the principles of trust and transparency with the vision of protecting Nigerians from fraudulent online transactions; it provides top-notch escrow services for online business-to-business and peer-to-peer transactions in Nigeria. Pandascrow is a fraud-free platform for online transactions in Africa.

The Business Of Pandascrow
Pandascrow provides secure payment solutions with cutting-edge escrow technology that protects online transactions from fraud. Pandascrow platform ensures your online transactions are seamless and reliable. You get exactly what you are paying for with legal enforceable guaranteed protection of your payments.

Pandascrow bridges the gap of trust between business partners and assures reduced financial risk and unnecessary unaccounted transactions with the deployment of escrow service. Buyers and sellers using the Pandascrow platform are assured of hassle free online transactions devoid of fears and fraud.

Pandascrow on the 6th of May 2022 completed and exited their private beta phase, hence have successfully processed and completed over $5,000 worth of transactions. Pandascrow partners with Dojah, a KYC, user onboarding, and identity verification company to authenticate users on the platform.

Pandascrow’s Services
Pandascrow’s services include these and more:
Escrow services
Escrow protects transactions between two parties, allowing a party to deliver on the terms of the transaction before the money gets released to the other party.

Vendor verification
Users can run background checks on vendors before patronizing with this feature. You can also purchase from legit vendors vetted by our technology.

Pandascrow Storefront
With Pandascrow storefront, vendors can showcase their products to the vast Nigerian market on a personalized online store, giving you as a vendor an edge to sell more online.

Pandascrow Payment
This is a one-time secure and unique payment link vendors can send to their buyers to receive seamless and instant payments.

Pandascrow wallet
With Pandascrow wallet, users can save money in any currency of their choice securely with pandascrow online wallet.

How can you get started?
To get started with Pandascrow, please click on the link Pandascrow to create your personal or business account. Once registered, you will get instant access to all our services.

Vendors can create a transaction from their dashboard and send the transaction link to the buyer to receive instant payment in escrow.

Buyers on the other hand pay into Pandascrow after agreeing on terms with the buyer.

In Conclusion;
~ Sign up (Business Account)
~ Create Transaction (Send Invoice)
~ Client Pays
~ Fulfill transaction (Mark as delivered)
~ Client confirms the transaction (Mark as received)
~ Pandascrow Releases Find

Go with Panda on your next transaction. Visit Pandascrow today!

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