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Consumers intent: How to effectively target your potential customers

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Every person surfing the web has one or two reasons for doing so, they either need a solution for a pressing problem or need to find more information about a product or service introduced to them, or to conduct research. The point is we all have a reason for consulting the web. You reading this post also have a reason for doing so, you’re either looking to know more about your potential customers, or looking for more substantive knowledge to back up what you read on another blog. The same goes for your potential customers they also have reasons for looking for you, and you searching out that reason will do you a lot of good, How you may ask? knowing your customers will enable you to draft out an effective way to attract them, and maintain their relationship with your company thereby increasing their lifetime value (LTV) with your company and also exploding your revenue.

In this article, we are taking a step back to ask: what are the underlying consumer needs that drive intent in the first place? After all, you don’t wake up feeling intent. You wake up feeling a need. It’s clear in the way people talk: “I need something.” “I want something.” And even in the way they search—that sort of conversational language is increasingly used in search queries.

What do I mean by consumer intent?

Consumer intent or mindset is what your potential customers want from you, why they want your product or service, and how they want you to position yourself. I think it’s worthwhile you know that before any other thing else.

If you’re looking to grow your business, you need to understand consumer intent.

That’s because consumer intent is driving people to search for the things they need. And that search behavior is reshaping the way we think about marketing funnels.

Search, of course, is a powerful tool for both shoppers and marketers. When it comes to search, people are literally typing their needs into a form, which then generates data that lets marketers tap into insights across media. But what’s ultimately driving all these search behaviors?

To search out how consumer needs shape search behavior and drives intent ThinkwithGoogle partnered with Kantar to better understand the underlying motivations driving search behaviors. They found out that there are six canonical consumer needs that drive search intent, which are:

  1. Surprise me
  2. Help me
  3. Reassure me
  4. Educate me
  5. Impress me
  6. Thrill me

Each need state is made up of a combination of emotional, social, and functional needs. Emotions are the foundations of need states.

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The truth is, decision-making is not a rational process, but one driven mainly by how people feel. The rational brain layers on reasons for our choices only after they’re made.

How consumer needs drive search

“Before we started this research, we thought one or two needs might dominate search behavior. Educate Me seemed like a no-brainer because search is inherently an information exchange. But the best research often has a surprising element to the results. In this case, we found that all six needs drive search behavior. And those needs have a profound impact on search. How long the query is. How many times does a person hit the back button? How many tabs does a person have open? Which device they’re using. The number of search iterations. Whether a person prefers to text, image, or video results. How many different things do they type into the search bar?” – Justin De Graaf.

Purpose and drafting 

  1. Surprise me: A shopper with this need wants a fun and entertaining experience. They want to know the trends and updates so Don’t get too serious by using big grammar. they want it simple and entertaining,
  2. Help me: A shopper with this need wants you to help him/her connect the dots. they are in limbo as to what and what to choose, where to go and how to go about it. it might be someone told them something contrary to their belief and they want to confirm, they need a direction to a particular location or they are battling with something – might be an ailment or anything – the point is they are stuck and they need a way out ASAP.
  3. Reassure me: Give answers to lots of questions. A shopper with this need is searching for simplicity, comfort, and trust. Their searches tend to be uncomplicated and they rely on questions. And because there is an element of anxiety to these searches — fear of making the wrong decision or missing out — they also appreciate a guiding hand, like when Google suggests related searches or videos showing the product being used. This set of people wants to be sure of every detail before making a purchase.
  4. Educate me: A shopper with this need is searching for Depth, reviews, and comparisons of whatever product or services they want to purchase. They read to understand the nitty-gritty of the product or service before taking action.
  5. Impress me: A shopper with this need is searching for luxury, comfort, and importance. They want to be recognized. They can be classified as 1% of the society. It’s not just about luxury items, however. Also falling into this category are people who search for rewards for small occasions. Think of a fancy clothing brand or indulgent chocolate bar. You’ll also see this need emerge in travel searches for premium experiences.
  6. Thrill me: A shopper with this need is searching for a brief, fast, adventurous experience.


    How consumer needs shape search behavior – Think with Google

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