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Kondola A Tech Company Built On Web3

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As we prepare for Web3 the age of decentralised internet powered by blockchain, companies who desire to maintain relevance and remain in business are investing resources for its coming.

Kandola is one of such companies setting the pace as a pioneer tech company in web3. Kandola envisions building a standardized, decentralized, and secure marketplace that is completely democratic and scalable.
Founded by Siddharth Banerjee along with co-founders Krithika Radhakrishnan and Sriram Padmanabhan, Kandola Network aims to be the de-facto platform for all Dapps/solutions that need to use real-time communication and data stores like IoT hardware and apps, messaging apps, games, real-time NFT, and metaverse apps.

Kandola is a trillion-dollar smart device industry that has seen a whopping growth in the past few years, impacting lives in ways we least imagined, however not without its own set of challenges.

Statistics reveal that the main reason behind present-day consumers buying a piece of technology is related to the utility(satisfaction) as well as the ease of use and security.
For instance, one of the best-selling tech products in the market are integrated CCTV cameras, motion detectors, connected locks, smoke detectors, smart thermostats and many others. However, do these products meet their expectations remains to be seen.

Finding a consumable full-IoT platform has been a dream for developers and manufacturers in the IoT space. The current situation of breaches of privacy, cyberattacks and data theft requires prompt action and attention.

Tackling these unethical practices, a significant 49% population of internet users kicked against permitting these big tech companies to store, share, or rather sell their data without their content. Here, blockchain technology comes in to rescue the situation.

Built on blockchain technology, Kandola is a magnaVerse – a new world of people-powered Internet of Secure Things. Using tools of Web3, Kandola plans to change these dynamics by empowering users to become stakeholders in the value chain. Kandola with its fortified and secured platform aims to open up better monetization opportunities for the right owner of internet assets.

Furthermore, Kandola strives to bring performance parity to Web3 and enable and ensure real-time performance and scale, something that is completely lacking in the market today.

Amazing Features of Kandola That Empowers IoT Manufacturers
With these amazing features, Kandola aims to empower IoT manufacturers with amazing features like

Larger Market
Kandola operates an open market policy which will give manufacturers more access to solutions for their hardware needs and concerns.

Privacy by design
Kandola’s decentralized cloud storage will ensure a more secure data storage and also make sure that all manufacturers on the platform are compliant with the latest global IoT laws.

Low Cost
A considerably reduced cost of implementing all products designed on a distributed Kandola platform. Unlike traditional models, Kandola works in the favour of all.

Easy to implement
Ease of implementation is one major consideration in choosing any product. Kandola offers the most user-friendly experience without the need for hardware changes. By offering SDKs, no-code emulators, and composers, the platform also facilitates easy integrations.

Kandola Solutions includes:
> Web3 Real-Time Messaging
Real-time messaging and communication for Web3
> Web3 Real-Time Datastore
Real-time storage and analytics persistence for Web3
> Web3 Implicit NFT
Creates implicit NFT for every transaction / message in Web3
> Web3 Digital Identity
Self-Sovereign Identity for People, Entities and Devices in Web3.
> IoT3.Network
Decentralized IoT Network and Platform
Things3. Decentralized Device Registry and Devices Network, and Platform for Web3
> Kandola PaaS
Platform-as-a-Service for IoT Manufacturers and Solution Developers

As I conclude, with these amazing features and prospective solutions. Kandola is all set to disrupt the technological space of Privacy & Security in web3.

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