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9 Chrome features guaranteed to make your life easier

4 Mins read

By blake burge

Reader’s Persona

Occupation ­­­­‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ Chrome users

Problem ———– Difficulty managing tabs

Desire ————– Wants To navigate and manage their chrome tabs effectively

If you love the Chrome browser, then this article is the right one for you. You will learn how to speed up your browsing, manage your tabs and find hidden features of Chrome.

For Geeks, And Random Users

Do you use chrome every day?

Yes, many of us have smartphones and laptops and we spend a lot of time on it.

Do you use so many tabs that you lose track of time?

How do navigate your tabs?

Are your Chrome Tabs organized or are you going from one to another without organization?

Chrome is an awesome browser, but it comes with its share of challenges. Like any other browser, you can have a lot of tabs open at the same time.

You may have heard that the average person has 17 tabs open every day. I’m not sure how true this is (I don’t think I’m normal, but who can really remember?), but it’s likely a lot higher for us geeks. If you use your browser more often, then it’s very possible that you can relate to this. As a matter of fact, Everyone has too many tabs in their browser. there’s not one person I know that doesn’t have more than the recommended 25 tabs at any given time in Chrome (which by the way, only looks like it’s hovering around 4 or 5) all those browser tabs can sometimes make the Chrome experience less than ideal because of how easy it is to lose track of which site you’re on—and subsequently, which app you’re using within that tab (IRC, Gmail, Facebook chat, etc.). I will be sharing 9 chrome tips that are very useful if you want to manage your tabs effectively.

For CEOs, Managers, and Researchers

When you are working on a big project or just reading tons of interesting articles, it is likely that you will open up tons of tabs during the process. This can be very useful because you can come back to the sites whenever you want in the future, however at some point, you may find your tab bar too full and overflown. That is not a good situation to be in especially if your work requires concentration and focus. These tips can help you manage your tabs effectively.

Here are 9 chrome tips for managing your tabs better:

  1. Tab Groups: I’ve got a bad habit and I’m guessing you do as well. Too Many Open Tabs! Tab Groups are an easy way to still keep them open and get organized at the same time. • Select multiple tabs • Right-click • Add tabs to a new group Expand & retract as needed.
  1. Control Audio / Video playback: If you’re working in one tab while listening to music or watching a video in another, there’s no need to navigate away to make adjustments. Pause, skip to the next track, adjust volume, and more by clicking the music note icon in the menu bar.
  1. Custom search engines: Turn your address bar into a search engine for basically any site with a “search” function. Go to a site of your choice Search for a topic Copy the URL Head to settings>Search engine>Site search>Add Here it is in action:
  1. Keyboard Shortcuts for extensions: Did you know you can set up Keyboard shortcuts for all of your Google Chrome extensions? Just enter the URL below and you can do exactly that. Chrome://extensions/shortcuts Here I’ll set one up to quickly access Similarweb on any page:
  1. Pinned Tabs: Do you have a few sites you visit all the time? Try out “pinned tabs.” Right-click the tab Select “pin” Boom! The tab is reduced in size and pinned to the left side of your screen. Close Chrome? No problem. Pinned tabs reappear each time you open your browser.
  1. Bookmark tabs into folders: I love bookmarks––maybe a little too much… I’m always running out of room & end up fighting with myself over which ones make the cut to live on my screen. No more. • Right-click the window • Bookmark all tabs • Create folder • Done!
  1. Sharing: Quickly share links, cast to devices, create QR codes, and more. Head to your address bar Click the “share” icon Select your choice and you’re done. It’s that easy.
  1. Startup Pages: When it comes to working, I have a few pages I need to have open every day. Rather than manually typing them in each day, I have my browser set to open them automatically. Open the pages you wish to see. Head to settings>on startup>Open specific>Use current
  1. Mute Tabs: There aren’t many things I find more annoying than when a site starts randomly playing a video with sound. Suddenly, your work is interrupted by an ad for the latest widget you can’t live without. Find the tab with the icon Right-click Mute site Get back to work!

Notice: This tips was pulled out from blake burge twitter handle and modified for techpadi’s readers.

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