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Will Putting Your Phone On In A Plane Crash The Plane?

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Air transport has been a blessing in all ramifications the safety concerns notwithstanding. We have redeemed time, eased unimaginable volume of stress and created invaluable memories ever since we embraced air travelling.

Though the fares may be purse rupturing for an average earner, its benefits are immense. Knowing this, we can’t cease to be grateful to the purposeful lives of the Wright Brothers for their invention. The question of safety has and will always be a concern as it relates to transportation, for air and all other means of transportation. We can’t say in affirmative that the road transport is safer, neither can we give vouch for the water transport as being the safest. All means have their advantages and disadvantages.

The need for safety especially as it relates to air travel is very paramount and can’t be overemphasized. All Caution and precautions that will guarantee the safety and preservation of lives and properties on transit need not be taken lightly. If you have ever boarded a plane, you must have heard the obvious safety warning mandating that all electronic devices be turned off, especially during take-off/landing.

Can Using Your Phones In The Plane Cause A Crash?

Using your phone in the plane will not necessarily cause the plane to crash because your cell phones operate at a fairly low power incapable of disturbing or distracting a plane in flight. Systems on aircraft are composed to some high standards and are protected to prevent external interference. However, the more people who have cell phones transmitting signals the more feedback noise and distraction is present for the pilots. That distraction could be enough to cause a problem in flight. You don’t want your pilot distracted I presume?

Moreover, In cases where carriers have in-flight cellular service, a cell station inside the plane can directly communicate to the ground cell phone tower without causing any issue. Having that said, it is therefore important you obey this simple instruction. You will not only be helping the crew to fly everyone safely but be sure of a smooth trip if all things remain the same.

As I conclude, I think it’s unnecessary when you decide to use phones while in flight, because if you forget to switch your phone to flight mode, the battery will quickly drain while trying to search for a signal up there. In height 150 knots and above, cellphone reception stops. So why have it on?

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