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Topical Authority For SEO

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Reader’s Persona

Occupation ­­­­‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ A Writer

Problem ———– Rank Poorly On Google Search

Desire ————– Wants To Rank High On Google Search.

Are you a blogger, in-house marketer, freelance writer, or entrepreneur? Doesn’t matter who you are and what kind of writing work you do as long as:

  • You have your own blog.
  • You like to write and.
  • You want to rank very high in Google search.

Now, consider this as an introduction — suppose you write a blog on a tech-related keyword. You manage to write the best blog there is but you’re still not ranking in the top 10. Now, you are wondering why Google hates you?!

But, well, Google doesn’t HATE you. You’ve just not established topical authority on the topic

Sometimes writing a high-quality, SEO-optimized article isn’t enough. While you might rank well for a target keyword and provide a great resource for readers, which alone may not elevate content enough to beat out your competition in the SERP. To outrank the top competitors in your industry, you need to own a particular niche or area of interest. In other words, you need topical authority.

What is Topical Authority?

Topical authority is a measure of the breadth of your blog content related to a specific topic field. It is one aspect of how Google measures the quality of your blog content and also a key factor for ranking domains in Google search.

Generally, Topical authority means that you are considered an expert in a topic or field.

To Google: Topical Authority Means, you know what you’re saying considering your track record of posting blogs related to that topic or field and Google has no choice but to trust you to answer these search queries appropriately.

So, when you publish a blog under this topic you’ll be automatically ranked at the top. You gain topical authority when you provide good quality content on an entire breadth of search queries under a given topic!

To Readers: Topical authority shows that your blog is a one-stop-shop for anything related to a given topic or area of expertise. Think about it as if you’re setting up a library on your blog. Each post you create gets shelved with similar topics and links to any other relevant content for more information. All the reader has to do is go a bit deeper into your site to learn more.

When you create this kind of exhaustive resource for a topic, it elevates your position in your target market as well as your ranking ability. Done correctly, you signal to readers as well as search engines that your blog is the best resource for quality content on your target topic.

How do you Establish Topical Authority? 

Well, here’s how

  1. Choose your target topic. E.g Escrow services
  2. Research all the possible sub-topics under the target topic. For example, Target Topic -> Escrow service. Subtopics -> Escrow Services – how it works, Escrow service online, Escrow service cost, Escrow service you can use in Nigeria, etc you can write them in a different blog post.
  3. Internally link all the main topic & sub-topic pages together. Internal Link the main page to the subpages & vice versa.The internal linking allows search engines to make a connection that these pages are related. Eventually, based on the quality & scope of your content, your domain will gain authority on that topic.

    This signals the search engine that these topics are related.

  4. Gaining external links from websites that already have authority on the target topic can give you a great push.

How do you gain external links from websites?

The best way to get an external link is to write a guest post on those websites and then insert links that lead to your website.

But, it’s not as simple. Gaining topic authority takes time. You have to consistently write good quality blogs covering the length & breadth of sub-topics under your main topic.

If you want your website to rank higher in the search engines and become the go-to site for a specific niche, you should try creating topical authority


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