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How To Dual Boot Your PC

2 Mins read

Does your current operating system deter you from installing useful Application(s)? Are you having a hard time with some features or Applications on your current Operating system which works better on another operating system?

Well, technology has given us options and ease in virtually everything we do. The impossibilities of yesterday have become today’s invention and tomorrow’s intervention.

By performing a process known as dual-booting, two operating systems can simultaneously run on your PC. This can be any mix of operating systems. For instance, Windows 7 and Windows 10, Windows and Linux or Windows and Mac.

A dual-boot gives your the flexibility of switching between two operating systems on one PC. The benefits include – Improved functionality, efficiency in accomplishing tasks, the effectiveness and ability of each operating system to function independently.

How To Perform A Dual-Booting.

1. First identify the need and the operating system that will meet such a need.

2. Before installing the new software, it is important that you back up your files and documents to an external storage or the cloud using services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, to avoid the risk of having existing data overwritten or deleted during or after the installation.


3. Get The Copy Of The Operating System You want to Install.

Assuming your PC is running Windows 7 and you need Windows 10 as a second OS, you will have to get it. it’s easy enough to buy a copy online on sites like eBay or directly from Microsoft’s website.

If your second copy of Windows is on a DVD-RW, you can use the DVD-ROM directly. Else, you will need an empty USB flash drive of at least 8GB (gigabytes) to create a bootable medium for this OS.

4. Partition Your Windows.

In other to safely dual-boot your PC, it is important to create a space in your hard disk drive for this second operating system. By doing so, your existing OS won’t lose space and starts malfunctioning. The process of creating this space to accommodate this second OS is called partitioning.

To partition your PC running on Windows for instance, kindly click the control panel icon on your desktop or
from the application list -right-click Disk Management.

Disk management

i. Select shrink volume, this will allow you to create a space to install the second OS.


ii. input the volume of space you want to shrink the partition to into the dialog box. You will be needing at least 128GB for your new Windows installation.

Shrink size

iii. Right-click the new section called Unallocated, and select ‘New simple partition’.

iv. Follow the instructions to complete partitioning.

5. Install the windows.

Insert the DVD or plug the USB flash drive that has the software.


i. Click on ‘This PC’ or CTRL+AlT+E to open my computer properties and view plugged devices.

ii. Double click on the OS executable file on the DVD-RW or USB flash drive. This will initiate the installation wizard.

Installation wizard

iii. Click ‘custom (Advanced)’

iv. When you’re asked where you want to install Windows, select the partition you just created and click ‘Next’.

v. Follow the rest of the installation steps to set your preferences.

vi. Use the Windows boot manager to shift between operating systems.

vii. Finally, your Windows dual boot is now ready for use. Whenever you turn on or restart your PC, your boot manager will provide you options to choose between the two operating systems.

iv. Use the Up and Down navigation keys on your keyboard to select operating systems. Press ‘Enter’ once you’ve selected an operating system.


In this age of technology, you are free to have it how you want it when you want it and the way you want it. By the process of dual-booting, you can have two operating systems meeting your definite needs at every point in time. What could be more beautiful than that?

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