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Do You Know Frequently Charging Your Battery Degrades Your Battery Performance?

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In this part of the world, the first specification when choosing a mobile device is “Battery capacity” before anything else. The erratic nature of electricity is one factor that dictates the choice of a mobile phone, not minding its level of sophistication.

We have become “charge-obsessed” due to the inconsistent nature of electricity. We go about with chargers in our purses and charge our phones indiscriminately at any slightest drop in our battery percentage.

Most smartphones use Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) batteries that can hold up charge well for 300 to 500 charge/discharge cycles (a charge cycle is a process of charging a rechargeable battery and discharging it as required into an electrical component or circuit that consumes electric power), which should be good enough for 1-2 years worth of charging.

Frequently charging your mobile device can reduce its battery life. It is recommended that you recharge your mobile device from 0-80% and then unplug the charger. Ending a charge at 80% is better for the battery than topping up to full.

The truth is, we can’t stop charging our mobile devices daily unless your device has a bigger battery capacity that can last beyond a day. We can only reduce how frequent we charge these devices. We can achieve this by making necessary adjustments, tweaking a few settings and applying some battery usage tricks as follows:

1. Reducing Screen Brightness

Our screen-time accounts for most of the power expended on our mobile devices. To save more charge, endeavour to reduce your screen brightness when it’s in use or keep it off when you are not. On Android/iPhone devices, swipe down the screen and slide the brightness bar from one edge to another to reduce your screen brightness.

2. Uninstalling Applications

Too many applications running on a device impact battery usage. Close any application you have finished using, uninstall any applications you have a similar application for, and the ones you barely don’t use from your device. There is no point in running/keeping too many applications on your device.

3. Keep Your Device Cool

Have noticed that your device’s battery drains faster in hot temperatures? Extreme heat can prematurely drain your battery and affect its overall longevity. Always cover your mobile device and keep it away from direct sunlight and other forms of heat.

4. Get Yourself A Power Bank

Yes, I said you should. It may not be the option, but a good power bank will save you from frequently charging your phone which is unhealthy for your device. With a power bank, instead of being always in a panic about charging your phone at the slightest drop of percentage, you can schedule your charging, and charge only when it is necessary.

Another way to increase your battery life is by updating your device operating software for new fixes from the manufacturer, turning off frequent push notifications, making your screen time-out shorter, locking your device when not in use, and switching to power-saver mode at intervals.
Please note that a device battery after 2 years of regular use, will reduce in performance. Before then, you can choose to get another or upgrade to something better.

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