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11 must use chrome extensions for every startup founder.

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Reader’s persona 

Gender: All

Age: All

Occupation: Entrepreneur, CEOs, Freelancers.

Problem: Find it difficult to set and keep up with daily tasks

Desire: To seamlessly: set and fulfill daily tasks, navigate the web, and equally increase their brand awareness with no or little hassle.


As a founder of a new startup company, these next words that I write will most likely be the most helpful things you will read today.

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most difficult jobs on Earth with a series of meetings and never-ending hectic tasks that follow suit. Having to incorporate everything while keeping in mind the value i.e. the amount each stakeholder would be getting once the enterprise reaches the pinnacle of its success is what makes it all the more stressful. And to add to all this, you have to keep up with technology and all its progress, even if you don’t have adequate resources at hand as every second delay in keeping up can lead to a massive loss for your company. To save your time and sanity, I have made this list of 11 must-use chrome extensions for every startup founder.

This article is an attempt to give our hands-on advice on some of the best Chrome extensions out there, so you don’t have to venture from your office to find them.

1.      Grammarly

Description: Grammar and spelling checker

Grammarly is a cloud-based typing assistant that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and engagement. Grammarly identifies your errors with artificial intelligence and also helps you to change the words if it finds anything wrong. You can customize your style depending on what you write for different contexts.

Pricing: freemium + premium starting from $12/month

Click here to start writing.

2.      Ahrefs

Description: on-page SEO report, broken link checker, redirect tracer

Ahrefs is an SEO software suite that contains a wide array of tools for improving your rankings in Google, as well as finding new link-building opportunities. Without giving too much away, let me break each individual feature down so you can see why Ahrefs is a great, all-in-one SEO tool.

It Provides Tools For

  • Link Building,
  • Keyword Research,
  • Competitor Analysis,
  • Rank Tracking and
  • Site Audits.
  • Search results based on the country

Pricing: Premium packages only start from $99/month

Click here to rank higher on Google search.

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3.      Notion

Description: all in one workspace for note-taking, knowledge and data management, and project and task management.

Notion is a collaboration platform with modified markdown support that integrates kanban boards, tasks, wikis, and databases. It is a file management tool offering a unified workspace, allowing users to comment on ongoing projects, participate in discussions, and receive feedback. Notion is one of the best digital notebooks available. While I don’t use it for blogging per se, I do use it on a regular basis to write down my notes and lists of ideas I get. From résumés to slideshows, Notion has it all. In addition to cross-platform apps, they can be accessed via most web browsers.

Pricing: freemium + premium starting from $4/month

Click here to get started

4.      Loom

Description: Record your screen and camera with one click. Share that content in an instant with a link.

Loom is the fastest, easiest way to record content and stay connected with your team. Whether you’re screen recording a product demo, giving feedback, or simply sharing your thoughts, Loom makes it simple to stay in the loop with a sync video.

Over 14 million people across 200,000 companies use Loom to record, share, and review asynchronous videos. From HubSpot to Atlassian, to Netflix, Loom is the screen recording and collaboration tool of choice for top companies.

Pricing: freemium for life + premium packages starting from $8/month

Click here to start recording for free.

5.      Minerva

Description: the easiest way to capture and share clickable instructions for anything on the internet!

Minerva is a free interactive “how-to” guide. Our Google Chrome extension works on top of any website and shows you where to click, and what to do next. Explore thousands of curated guides created by experts or make your own to share with a coworker, friend, or family member today.

With Minerva, you can complete a task online or create a guided “how-to” in less time than it takes you to finish reading this paragraph.

Pricing: free

Click here to get started

6.      Pocket

Description: Pocket, previously known as Read It Later, is a social bookmarking service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks

The application allows the user to save an article or web page to remote servers for later reading. The article is then sent to the user’s Pocket list (synced to all of their devices) for offline reading. Pocket removes clutter from articles and allows the user to add tags to their articles and to adjust text settings for easier reading.

Pricing: free

Click here to start saving

7.      Lastpass

Description: LastPass is a freemium password manager that stores encrypted passwords online.

A user’s content in LastPass, including passwords and secure notes, is protected by one master password. The content is synchronized to any device the user uses the LastPass software or app extensions on.

LastPass has a form filler that automates password entering and form filling, and it supports password generation, site sharing and site logging, and two-factor authentication.

Unlike some other major password managers, LastPass offers a user-set password hint, allowing access when the master password is missing.

Pricing: free

Click here to automate your passwords

8.      Nimbus

Description: Screen Capture FULL Web page or any part. Edit screenshots. Record screencasts – record video from your screen.

The application allows users to

  • Screen capture whole or partial screenshots on any size of the screen, Annotate and edit screenshots and screencast in a powerful image editor and screenshot tool.
  • Screencasts — record video screen from your screen and webcam using the video recorder.
  • Trim and Crop screencasts.
  • Use inbuilt editor features such as background color change, color change text, etc. to make simple images and make them more colorful and memorable.
  • Convert video to gif and mp4
  • Quickly Upload and Share online screenshots and screencasts using the capture tool.

Pricing: premium starting from $31/year

Click here to start recording.

9.      Similar web

Description: Similarweb is a digital intelligence provider for enterprise and small to mid-sized business (SMB) customers.

The platform provides web analytics services and offers its users information on their clients’ and competitors’ web traffic and performance.

Similarweb ranks websites and apps based on traffic and engagement metrics. Its ranking is calculated according to the collected datasets and updated on a monthly basis with new data. The ranking system covers 210 categories of websites and apps in 190 countries and was designed to be an estimate of a website’s popularity & growth potential.

The company ranks websites based on traffic and engagement data and ranks apps in the App Store (iOS/iPadOS) and Google Play Store based on installs & active user data.

Available on in SouthAfrica in the whole of Africa.

Pricing: freemium

Click here to get started

10.  Buffer

Description: Buffer is a software application for the web and mobile, designed to manage accounts in social networks, by providing the means for a user to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, as well as analyze their results and engage with their community

Buffer allows users to schedule posts sent through the application to the user’s social media accounts (you can connect 3 social accounts via the free version). This feature can schedule and send posts to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. There are various default time slots in the application, which are based on the times during the day when social media users are most active online. However, Buffer does allow its users to mend or remove the default time slots if they wish to do so.

Pricing: freemium + premium starting from $5/month

Click here to get started.

11.  Ai writing tools like CopyAI, Copysmith, Jasper, and INK

Description: helps brands create highly engaging ad copy.

These are advanced AI copywriter that helps brands create highly engaging ad copy. You’ll have access to deep learning capabilities that enable you to truly understand your customers’ desires. It will help you with relevant messaging, creative concepts, and more.

You simply describe your product and then it will handle the rest. No more tedious and painstaking research or laborious copywriting – just great ads!

Breakthrough writer’s block and generate more unique ad ideas than ever before.

Pricing: freemium + paid

Some of these extensions might seem irrelevant or a bit off to the regular user but trust me they are not. Most of them will save you time, help you stay focused, and get your work done efficiently.




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