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I Can’t Code. Is Tech For Me?

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Do you feel overwhelmed with the rate of technological advancements and innovations? Do you think you are lagging realizing how far technology has gone that you ask yourself how do I fit into this ever-growing technological space? I know that thought, we all have been in that state – you are never alone. Technology has evolved that it has carved a niche for itself and created a space for everyone who desires it. No matter your skill-set, talents, and passions, you have a place in the Tech-industry to make your marks and leave indelible prints.

Though technology has evolved and evolving, it, therefore, requires all hands getting involved to mastermind its course and direct its paths towards sustainability and profitability. The need for not just programmers and developers but also writers, creators, administrators, etc can’t be overemphasized, why? Because the technological space is forever accommodating because of its dynamism. The demand for these services and more will continue to be on the increase.

There are enormous opportunities to explore in the Tech-industry- I wonder why you are still hesitating. Beyond coding which seems to be more technical, there are other avenues in which one can exploit and get actively involved in Tech. Here are some of the opportunities I believe will be of immense help in your journey in exploring Tech.

System Administration: A system Administrators or Sysadmins are IT professionals who maintain and manage organizations’ systems, networks, and servers to meet organizational needs. A sysadmin requires in-depth knowledge of Operating systems like Windows, Linux, or Mac, system hardware components, Networks, and other related certifications. Why not give it a shot if you got all required?

Data Analyst: A data analyst is a professional who identifies, collates, orders, and interprets a set of data to solve organizational problems. Every organization requires the expertise of a data analyst to process and analyze its data. To become a data analyst, you need to undertake relevant courses and certifications.

UI/UX: (User Interface and User experience) A UI/UX designer or engineer is an IT specialist who creates user interfaces for machines and software programs. A UI/UX engineer offers practical, skilled-based instruction based on visual communications, to ensure organizations and companies deliver a product or service that meets the needs of customers.

Content Creation: Every organization and business needs the services of a content creator to blow her trumpets, make it seen, and be recognized in the business scene. A content creator is one saddled with the responsibility of creating or fabricating images, videos, written publications to meet organizational needs. For any new product to fly within the highly competitive market, it will need all the publicity it can get before it hits the market.

Content Writing: Unlike the content creator who does all the forms of content creation, a content writer is streamlined to the written aspect. A content writer specializes in creating relevant content for websites, blogs, social media pages, etc. To get started, one will need to equip oneself with the rudiments of effective written communication, deep research, and frequent practice. No matter how beautiful a webpage may be, it will require a beautifully written piece to tell a complete story.

Technical Writing: A technical writer is a professional content writer who writes on tech-industry topics on a deeper level. A technical content writer writes intensive, instructive, informative, and more detailed tech-related topics for blog posts, websites, social media pages, etc. To explore the space of tech-writing, one must possess good writing skills and also keep abreast of tech trends.

Copywriting: A copywriter is a professional content writer that writes advertisement content about a product/service to increase sales and create brand awareness. A copywriter writes persuasive content to make a person or a group of persons take a particular action.

Digital Marketing: Technology has improved the way we do business by creating avenues by which we can transact all over the world from the very comfort of our homes and offices. It is said that any business in this 21st century that is yet to have an online presence will struggle to attain its primary objectives, including an increase in sales and customer satisfaction. By the use of internet marketing tools like websites, blog posts, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and (SEM) Search Engine Marketing, organizations and SME business spread their business tentacles to a wider range of audiences which in turn leads to business success.

There are a thousand and one high paying tech skills that don’t require coding. Beyond the much I have listed, other tech skills include motion graphics design, 3D animation, image editing and so more. Why not seize the opportunity and explore these tech options if you don’t have an interest in coding? Tech has come to stay and won’t stop evolving in time. Let’s all Wake up and brace up with Tech.

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