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Techpadi 2-Day Webinar to end 2021

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2021 has been an eventful year. From more startups springing up and getting funded, to physical tech conferences, and an influx of youth into the technology space. Still, a number of people need direction to move forward. To end the year on a great note, TechPadi is organizing a webinar for tech enthusiasts and founders.

The Grow with TechPadi Webinar is a 2-Day event that will take place on Tuesday, 28th December and Wednesday, 29th December 2021. The webinar will be anchored by Digital Marketer and Product Owner Ifeoluwa Omidiji.

Day One

The first day’s webchat will be with Charles Adetola, a Digital Brand Consultant and published author. The chat, titled Building and Scaling your Tech Products aims to educate product owners on how to:

  • Perform market research when planning their products,
  • Plan, design and develop their ideas,
  • Involve the necessary parties in developing the products,
  • Scale already existing products, and much more.

Day Two

The webchat slated for December 29th is titled Careers in Tech that requires Zero Coding. The lecturer, Azeezat Busari, a Designer and Developer, will be shedding more light on:

  • The various non-coding tech jobs,
  • The skills required to get these jobs,
  • How to get these said skills,
  • How much the jobs pray on average,
  • Where to get such jobs, and more.

Visit the webinar registration page to register for the event. Follow TechPadi on LinkedIn to get updates on the Webinar.

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