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Recap: 2-day Webinar on how to kick-start a career in tech

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Techpadi Africa, a digital media company, recently concluded its 2-day webinar.

The webinar was organized to help non-techies plan and work towards starting a career in tech. The webinar held between Tuesday, 28th and Wednesday, 29th December, 2021, and was hosted on Google Meet.

The event had a host of tech enthusiasts in attendance. The participants were duly fed with priceless information about opportunities in tech, and how they can use the plethora of opportunities to their advantage.

Day One
On the first day of the webinar, Ifeoluwa Omidiji spoke on the topic: Building and Scaling your Tech Product.

In the presentation, Ifeoluwa made exposé on how

  • Choose the product that adds value.
  • Perform market researches.
  • Conduct researches into the market/industry you aim to join.

The speaker also listed and gave detailed breakdown of the 6 stages of product development.

  • Data generation
  • Product definition
  • Prototyping
  • Initial design
  • Validation and testing
  • Commercialization

Not only did the speaker speak on scaling new product, he also highlighted how to scale already existing products, and how to create a marketing strategy to boost publicity, and eventually, sales.

Bringing the presentation to a close, Ifeoluwa encouraged the participants to always improve their knowledge and widen their scope by following channels that have informative contents.

The speaker entertained questions from participants and provided appropriate clarifications.

Day Two
The webinar started at noon when the moderator welcomed the participants, and introduced the speaker – Azeezat Busari.

Azeezat gave her presentation on the topic: Careers in Tech that Requires Zero Coding.

During the presentation, she listed several tech-related careers that one could purse without necessarily having coding skills.

The speaker gave in-depth description of each of the careers, an also gave an average pay attached to each of the careers.

Some of the careers listed are:
Product manager
Project manager
Tech recruiter
Software tester
Tech recruiter, and a whole lot of other techy careers.

The presentation was followed by an Interactive session where series of questions were floored, and given elaborate response and clarification.


Ifeoluwa Omidiji
Ifeoluwa is a business and tech enthusiast. He is devoted to inspiring minds to achieve greatness. Ifeoluwa is poised at promoting local content through entrepreneurship, business growth, strategy, and leadership.

Azeezat Busari
Azeezat is a tech creative, a frontend web developer with vast dexterity in CSS, and ReactJS. She is a serial volunteer, supporting causes that brings opportunities to less-privileged in the community. She is also a tutor, and has succeeded in training and guiding hundreds in tech.

Techpadi Africa plans to hold other events in the coming year. Join Techpadi Community so you can be notified about future events.

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