GIG Logistics Partners Jet Motors to Provide Eco-friendly Delivery Vehicles


GIG Logistics (GIGL) has taken the lead to become the first Nigerian logistics company to perform a switch to electric vehicles (EVs) as operational vehicles for deliveries.

The logistics company partnered with Jet motors to launch its first range of EVs, with plans to use Lagos state as the pioneer state.

GIGL completed the move to EV two years after the company decided to pursue its quest for complete de-carbonization of its operations, leading to a signed partnership with Jet motors.

This phenomenal move by the company places it as the first Nigerian company to make the move to 100% Electric delivery vehicles in the country.

As an added bonus, the delivery and logistics company would be receiving 1 year maintenance of the vehicles, as well as proper training of the personnel that would be working with those EVs.

Jet motor, which was founded in 2018, has a plant in Epe, Lagos, and has produced about 500 units of EVs from the said plant.

The manufacturer added that the vehicles provides 240km of driving per charge, while factoring in the heavy traffic on the Lagos metropolis. However, under normal circumstances, the EVs can cover up to 300km.

According to the director of Sales and Marketing, Rupani Sanjay, the EVs have an European design, powered with Asian technology. The vehicles also uses a lithium-ion battery that has a lifetime of about 5 years.

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Commenting on the innovation, the Director of Operations Services and Hubs at GIG Logistics, Ocholi Etu, said that:

This started about two years ago when we reached out to JET Motors to help us push our carbon-free initiative. By carbon-free, I mean we are looking at having total electric vehicles do our deliveries all around Nigeria. Electric vehicles have 70% lower maintenance cost compared to the internal combustion engine (ICE).”

GIGL also added that the company has a charging station set up in Gbagada, Lagos state, where the EVs can be charged to 100% in 2 hours.

The company stated that due to the restrictions provided by the inadequacy of charging stations, the EVs would be used only for intra-state operations.

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