Kenyan-based Start-up, Swifttdial, Launches Cloud-based Contact Centre Services


Kenyan-based start up – Swifttdial – has launched a cloud-based contact centre solution to help companies improve customer engagement. The start-up is also positioning itself to provide services that makes it easier for employees to work from home.

The startup, which was founded in March, uses cloud-based contact centre solution to assist companies to meet their customers at their point of convenience, either via voice, text, or through their social media platforms. The start-up also makes response to customers easier by helping their clients respond to customers from a single interface.

Vincent Ochieng, Swifttdial’s co-founder and CEO, was reported to have said:

“Our cloud-based phone system enables companies to receive calls from one number, after which the calls are distributed to different agents based on their skill sets.”

Vincent Ochieng further stated that:

The benefits, which are always generated by having a highly effective customer service, are numerous, regardless of the size of the company. However, the tools, which are currently available for use for augmenting customer service, are out of reach for the SMEs.”

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While most of the contact centre solution providers focus on big establishments and giant companies, Swifttdial has chosen to focus its services on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The start-up tends to provide cost-effective service to SMEs.

The CEO explained that the start-up also deals in bulk SMS, bulk airtime, and also aims at expanding its business scope.

We also resell bulk SMS and bulk airtime, as well as USSD services. We are currently adding more revenue streams like launching an outsourced contact centre platform,” Ochieng said.

Swifttdial has, according to the CEO, been able to secure up to thirty clients, with an average of five customer service representatives. The start-up is currently working towards hiring more hands, and push the business further.

Swifttdial currently serves Kenyan market. It however, has a single customer in Nigeria, and plans to expand into other African countries like Uganda, South Africa and Ghana, by the middle of 2021.

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