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Kaggle BIPOC Grant Application

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Kaggle is an AirBnB for Data Scientists – this is where they spend their nights and weekends. It’s a crowd-sourced platform to attract, nurture, train and challenge data scientists from all around the world to solve data science, machine learning and predictive analytics problems.

Kaggle enables data scientists and other developers to engage in running machine learning contests, write and share code, and to host datasets. The types of data science problems posted on Kaggle can be anything from attempting to predict cancer occurrence by examining patient records to analyzing sentiment to evoke by movie reviews and how this affects audience reaction.

Kaggle is offering a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Grant aimed at empowering data scientists who have been historically underrepresented and supporting their career advancement.

What You’ll Receive as a Grantee

  • $1,000 education / career development grant
  • Assigned mentorship from an experienced data scientist
  • Membership to a dedicated community group for grantees
  • Extra Kaggle Notebook Quota and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Credit
  • Educational guidance and resources, including community events

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  • Individuals who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or Person of Color (including Latinx, Asian, multiracial)
  • Current or aspiring data science practitioners (both in academia and industry) at any experience level (including no experience)
  • Awarded with consideration for extent of need
  • Basic foundational machine learning knowledge. This can be fulfilled by any of the following recommended coursework:
    • Kaggle Learn (Language: Python)
      • Courses: “Intro to Machine Learning” & “Python”, 8 hrs
      • Alternative: “Intro to Deep Learning”
    • Chromebook Data Science (Language: R)
      • Courses: #3 to 5, 35-70 hrs (Courses intended to be taken over the course of ~1 wk per course, 10-20 hrs per week)
      • Optional: #0 to 2
    • Machine Learning Crash Course (Language: Python, TensorFlow)
      • Courses: “ML Concepts” section, “Introduction” to “Training and Test Sets” + “Logistic Regression” + “Classification”, 5 hours
  • Participate in the program: The first class of grantees will be selected on a rolling basis through January 2021. They will be awarded their (above listed) package of resources for use over a 3-4 month basis. If successful, we will open applications for subsequent class(es) of grantees.
  • Build your portfolio: Publish your outputs & learnings
  • Give feedback: Interview with Kaggle about your user experience
  • Amplify your voice in the community: Feature your work through optional opportunities to showcase your projects (e.g. Kaggle’s YouTube or Blog channels)
  • Registration closes on 31st December 2020, click here to apply.

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