How To Wipe Your Android Device Before Selling It


These days, there are lots of smartphone brands releasing different devices almost every day. With the large number, it is difficult to track the number of devices that are released.

This availability of several options have made it a usual habit for people to transfer ownership of their devices, either gifting it out, or outright sale, so that they can get a newer version.

When mobile phones are being used, a lot of our information and data get saved on the devices. Transferring ownership to someone else, especially someone you don’t know, could lead to your information landing in the wrong hands.

This is why you should always wipe your device before selling it.

In this post, I will be giving you step-by-step guide on how you can wipe your Android device so that it doesn’t hold any information.

Please note that the exact steps will vary, depending on the version of Android that you are using, and the manufacturer of the device.

This how-to was crafted using a Tecno Pouvoir 3 Plus (LB8), however, general instructions are the same across all devices.

Before you start, you should know that any file you do not back up on an external device, and cloud storage, will be lost. So, you might want to do something about that.

Step 1:
Go to Settings > System > Reset Options.

Step 2:
You will be presented with five options:
“Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth” is usually used if you’re having trouble with connectivity. “Reset app preferences” will restore all of your app and notification defaults, among other things.
None of these will delete the data on your phone. The job of deleting your data is meant for the “factory data reset” option.
Select this option.

Step 3:
Step 3 comes after you tap the “factory data reset” option.
You’ll get a warning screen reminding you that all your data will be erased, as well as all the accounts you’re currently signed into.

Scroll down, and tap “Reset phone.”

Step 4:
This step comes if you have a pin, pattern, or any screen lock security turned on. If you do, enter the detail.
If you don’t have security on your device, it will take you to a screen where you will be asked if you are sure you want to reset your device.

If you are sure, simply click “Erase everything”.

That is the process.

Your phone will run the resetting process, and within a about 3 minutes, your phone will be back to the way it was when it was first switched ON.

If you have an older Android version, say, ones before Android 8, you might need to remove screen lock security before you commence the process, to avoid some awkwardness.

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