Amazon’s New Biometric Payment System Let Users Pay With Their Palm


Amazon, on Tuesday, unveiled a new biometric payment system. The system will allow users to make payments by placing their palm over a scanning device when they walk in the door or when they check out.

The newly launched payment system, dubbed Amazon One, is said to be a convenient, easy, fast, and contactless way for people to make payments at cash points.

Amazon’s Vice President, Dilip Kumar said that Amazon has been working on this technology for a while, and that the current reality created by the coronavirus pandemic made it the right time for such technology to be launched for public use.

At first time of use, users would have to register by placing their palm on the biometric scanning machine, then enter their card details at a terminal. After a complete registration, users would be able to use the tech to make payments at terminals, just by running their palms on the biometric scanner.

Dilip Kumar, said the system was developed as:

“a quick, reliable, and secure way for people to identify themselves or authorize a transaction while moving seamlessly through their day.”

Amazon has noted that the payment technology is not meant to be used in Amazon stores only. However, at the initial stage of release, the feature will be available at two Amazon Go stores in Seattle.

In the coming months, the company plans to add it to more Amazon Go stores, and in the future, extend the services of Amazon One to other retailers, as well as places like offices and stadiums.

Speaking on privacy and identity protection, Amazon says it chose palm recognition over other technologies like face recognition because of some privacy benefits.

“One reason was that palm recognition is considered more private than some biometric alternatives because you can’t determine a person’s identity by looking at an image of their palm,” – Amazon’s VP, Kumar explains.

“It also requires someone to make an intentional gesture by holding their palm over the device to use,” Kumar added.

Amazon One should however, not be confused with Amazon’s first airplane, which is also called Amazon One.

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