World Artificial Intelligence Conference starts today.


The conference covers a wide range of exhibitors from home and abroad, including tech giants, such as Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei and JD, leading auto manufacturer SAIC, three telecom operators in China and AI unicorn companies like SenseTime and Cloudwalk.

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference kicks off today in Shanghai, with about 700 companies and agencies participating in the event on the theme of “Intelligent World, Indivisible Community”. The WAIC id showcasing the globalizing trend of AI technology applied in various kinds of scenarios.

It also aims to build an open collaborative platform to improve urban management to make the city smarter and safer.

The party secretary Li Qiang in his speech today said:

“Science and technology is an important part of cross-border collaboration and AI provides powerful support and lays the framework for such partnership. We hope to join hands with other nations to answer this era’s questions and challenges,”.

“AI came into being to improve civilization and enhance collaboration, and nowadays connectivity is of crucial importance, it has helped people to sustain their daily routines and also helped business recovery,”. He also said:

“Countries around the world also share their virus-fighting experience through smart connectivity infrastructure and this improves our friendship and also helps boost confidence for favorable development in the future,” he added. “We should guide the development of AI for it to better serve humankind.”

The conference continues tomorrow virtually.

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