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Some Startups in India using AI and Robotics to Contain Covid-19.

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Companies across the globe are now making use of technologies such as artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics and more to battle its containment around them.
In India, lockdown has been lifted and there are some certain measures put in place for the containment to prevent the spread among employees and citizens too.
Some startups have been noted to invent specific technological tools to take measures. 

This incubated startup has developed an AI-based drone monitoring solution which can be crucial in supporting the force and urban local bodies in their work. It can be deployed in around 30-50 drones at a time at any given location. This will then send accurate images to the ground station to help them keep track of the situations. It can be especially useful in hotspots, hospitals and unsecured locations

This deep tech startup based out of Mumbai uses deep learning technology to undergo X-ray screening which can be used to detect Covid-19 symptoms. The startup, which already used AI for X-ray detection, further trained their algorithms to go a step further to predict a Covid-19 risk score which tells the likelihood of a patient having Covid-19 from these X-rays. These algorithms are equipped to run on cloud hardware and are currently being deployed in 40+ sites across countries.


This Gurgaon-based startup has said to be using facial recognition systems and AI-based thermal cameras for detecting Covid-19 patients. The camera called JARVIS helps in creating a real-time alert in case it detects a person with increased body temperature. The camera has a range of up to 100 meters and can monitor multiple people at the same time. It is highly effective and functional in crowded places like airports, railway stations and malls.


The AI-based computer vision solution developed by another T-Hub incubated startup is called Safevision which can be integrated into existing CCTV or drone cameras to monitor crowds in public places including shopping malls, stations, hospitals and more. This AI-based product analyses the video footage in real-time and alerts safety officers in case of safety violations. It also monitors people for wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and maintaining social distance through computer vision and image analysis

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