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Choosing a Video that enhance your product.

2 Mins read

Everyday, everyone watches one or two videos.
Videos are everywhere, from social media platforms to email marketing platforms and all.
Due to the widespread complexity and diverse watching of videos, most firms now make use of videos to communicate what they offer to people.

However, video making is a concept and to make efficient videos that go a long way to reach your main target is another concept.

There are several types of video and how to reach their marketing and target goals.

Educational video
Educational videos are a great way to grow your audience by attracting people with interests related to the services or products that you’re selling. They’re a great way to generate awareness and establish your company as a reliable firm in your field. You can Start by examining your audience’s pain points. Customers do have a deep thinking of a product before they decide to buy the kind of product that your company is selling! So, you can help them by making sure that your company is the one providing that information.
You can always create videos they will speak your main purpose not those that will confuse customers.

How-To Videos
This are also a kind of educational videos that show a step-to-step process of a particular stuff. How-tos provide immediate practical value to your audience. Because of that immediate practicality, how-tos are highly shareable — 80-second videos are the living proof of it. Where users can immediately share asap.

Explainer Videos

The magic of explainers relies on creating characters and situations that your target audience can relate to. The idea is to construct a narrative in which you showcase a certain problem or conflict that can be solved by the use of your product or service. They are mostly done on white boards.

Social Media Videos

On social platforms, people are looking for content that helps them feel closer to the brands and people they follow. They’re looking for high-quality content that’s also raw and real. You can produce content that gives your audience a sneak peek of your business and you can create videos that can answer their questions afterwards.

Product Videos

Product videos show how your product works in a clear and detailed way, perfect for those kinds of customers that need to digitally “try before they buy”. With them, you can show your audience how appropriate your product is for their needs.

Culture Videos

Culture videos (also called company videos or company story videos) are pieces that will show your customers the real faces behind the brand and the ideas that they embody. Showing these true faces and ideas that shape your brand will give your users reasons to engage with your brand — making them not only customers but ambassadors of the ideas you promote.

You can always identify the type of video you’ll be needing, You can start by focusing exclusively on your video’s purpose and the type of target you want. You can then identify your customer’s journey stage and create a video to that match.

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