Founded in 2019, Techpadi Africa is a non-profit tech media organisation dedicated to bridging the gap between education and technology in Africa. Starting from Nigeria, our mission is to empower secondary schools and their students with the guidance, knowledge and skills needed to thrive in today’s digital age.

In addition to this, we tell “behind-the-scenes” stories of African techies, startups, products and entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

At Techpadi Africa, our mission is to celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of Africa’s tech space while building the next generation of African Techies. We achieve this by:

  • introducing students to the exciting world of technology and inspiring them to pursue careers in STEM;
  • telling the stories that matter about African startups and tech entrepreneurs.

We believe that with uninterrupted access to technology, limitless opportunities can be created for future generations, contributing to the growth of Africa’s tech ecosystem.

Our Activities

Tech Sensitization Tours

Our tours – carried out in secondary schools, engage students in interactive sessions, demonstrations, and discussions to raise awareness about the importance of technology in today’s world. So far, we have reached out to thousands of students and created ICT Clubs in a couple of schools. Read more here…

Digital Media House

Techpadi Africa shares the stories that matter. A focus is put on inspiring behind-the-scenes stories about African products, entrepreneurs, and innovations. Through articles, videos, and podcasts, we highlight the impact of technology on society and showcase the achievements of African tech pioneers. Our ultimate goal is to be a bridge between a network of startups and interested investors.

Online Webinars & Bootcamps

As a tech education initiative plan, Techpadi Africa organises online webinars, workshops, and boot camps for everyone interested in tech. Our webinars have ranged from topics as simple as careers in tech to topics surrounding cybersecurity and Web3.

2021 Webinar
2022 Webinar
2023 Webinar

Our Team

The Techpadi Africa team consists of dedicated volunteers and writers who are passionate about leveraging technology for social good. With diverse backgrounds and expertise in education, technology, and media, we are committed to making a difference. See the active faces behind Techpadi’s activities here…

Join Us

As long as you align with our goals, you can join the team. Be a student, tech enthusiast, teacher or professional, you can contribute to building the next generation of African innovators. To volunteer for Techpadi Africa, shoot Maryam an email at [email protected] or send a message on any of our social media platforms.

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