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    Opera Launches Hype – Its African Inspired Chat Services, in Kenya

    Norwegian-owned internet company, Opera, has announced that it is launching a new chat service which it calls Hype. Hype is built into...

    Netflix Activates Setting That Automatically Download Videos You Might Like

    Netflix today, announced a new way its users can binge-watch their favourite TV shows while offline. The US-based streaming...

    Spotify To Launch Its Services In Nigeria, 84 Other Countries

    Spotify has announced its plans to extend its services to 85 countries of the world, including Nigeria. Over the...

    Xenobots: First Ever Programmable Living Organism

    Recently, a research team of roboticists and scientists published their research on making a new lifeform called Xenobots from stem cells.

    Google Chrome To Get Improved Performance And Reduced Ram Usage

    Google has come out to say that its browser app, Chrome, which is the world's most popular browser, will be getting an...

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