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All The SEO Tools You Need To Run A Successful Blog

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SEO is one of the key marketing strategies to organically get over 1.5 million visits to your site every month. 

Having a website with a profitable source of visitors is not an easy task considering the lots of time it’ll take as well as the money you’re not happy to invest, just to get that traffic up to where it needs to be. So I was encouraged by the findings of a startup building platform (Buildd) recent report on organic traffic generation. According to the report, there are some tough truths to consider when it comes to the best marketing strategy to generate Organic traffic to sites.

According to the report, the #1 marketing strategy for driving organic traffic, especially for sites looking to generate 1.5m+ per month of inbound traffic, is SEO

So many people need the solution you offer in your blog, so many people need the goods or services you offer in your blog, they want to read your story and the best way they know to find you is to search for you in online search engines. How? Use keywords that relate to what you offer – that is if you position yourself enough for them to find you. How can you position yourself and make yourself visible to these potential customers? You either pay Google to list your page in SERP or list yourself organically by optimizing your blog to SEO

So I will be sharing a list of 7 SEO tools Buildd use to generate 1.5 million+ organic traffic/month to its website which you can use to drive organic traffic to your site.


  1. Ahrefs

Category: SEO

Use case: Use Ahrefs to track the progress of domain authority, backlinks, ranking keywords, and also for keyword research


  1. Monitor your website rankings for specific keywords
  2. Analyze the backlink profile for your competitor’s website.
  3. Use the site audit tool to crawl your site and get a Health Score

Alternatives: Moz, SemRush



  1. Google Search Console

Category: Tracking Use case: Use search console to track & fix technical errors, request indexing for pages & submit sitemaps


  1. Provides more accurate & relevant insights. Eg. Pages with high average duration, top sources, etc.
  2. Provides you search specific data about your website: Keywords you rank for, no. of clicks, etc.



  1. Answer the public

Category: Keyword Research Use case: Used for finding seed keyword ideas or blog topics


  1. Shares popular, filtered results from Google autocomplete
  2. 2 free searches per day



  1. Google Pagespeed Insights

Category: Tracking

Use case: Simply enter your page’s URL and the tool start analyzing your page’s performance


  1. Suggests how a web page can be improved. Should ideally optimize to have green scores on both desktop & mobile
  2. Provides both lab and field data about a page.



  1. Yoast

Category: On-page SEO

Use case: Use the free Yoast plugin for WordPress and get on-page & technical SEO stats for a particular page


  1. Provides SEO and readability analysis. Eg. Keyword density, keyword presence in headings, etc.
  2. Add Meta description & title for your blog.
  3. Shows a Google preview



  1. Grammarly

Category: Writing

Use case: Use Grammarly to check for grammatical errors & typos


  1. Has a free browser extension to run it on the content you write anywhere on the web –
  2. Provides word and sentence suggestions that are clear

Alternatives: ProWritingAid 



  1. Hemingway App

Category: Writing

Use case: Hemingway highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors


  1. Export to Microsoft Word or other editors.
  2. Publish directly to WordPress & Medium.
  3. You can format your text with the toolbar Free to use



Notice: This article was pulled out from buildd’s Twitter handle and modified for techpadi’s readers.


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