How to drive your business to Success with UI/UX.


The increase in usage of smartphone with easy accessibility of internet has changed hoe individuals get attracted to brands willingly.
We can all judge books by it’s cover, cars by its design and banks by their customer interaction. It is also necessary to get used to how a certain mobile brand works and how easy it can be used.
Where users have varieties of choices, all mobile application, software applications also have internal competition to gain more users.
Although, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp do top the profile of engaging users with their good structured User Interface.

Their method of engaging users and customers could be from their previous feedbacks, rating and research from way back to make sure that Users understand everything correctly and get more engaged with it everytime. However, If the product seems tough to understand or takes too long to use, there is a very high chance that the user will leave for a competitor with a better and/or quicker experience which is why UX is important to businesses.
UX is the internal experience that a person has as they interact with every aspect of a company’s products and services while UI user interface (UI) is anything a user may interact with to use a digital product or service.

An example of a great UI/UX product is PiggyVest, which allows users to pay into their account, get points and even send to friends. It is simple to use and gives users a friendly usage manner.

Similarly, UX is not about good looks and designs alone, it has got a lot to do with customer-usability , ease of navigation and complete end-to-end experience that the customer gets on your app or website.

These factors determine whether your business is going to get people knocking at your door time repeatedly and how successful it can be.

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